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Whale Watching Tours


Our adventures are 3 hours in length. June through October, are the ideal months to view Orcas (Killer Whales) in all their glory. The Juan de Fuca Strait is the perfect area to find the returning Humpbacks from June to November and with hundreds returning to their feeding grounds gives you ample opportunity to have your own close encounter of the deep. Some of most interesting encounters is of mammal hunting Transient Killer Whales that are now very regular visitors to our area. We also see a ever increasing amount of Humpback Whales and also the possibility of Gray, Fin and Minke Whales.

During peak months our sighting success rate is 97%

Adult (Ages 19+)$149.00
Student (Ages 12-18)$139.00  
Child (Ages 5-11)$129.00


Marine & Eco Wildlife Tours

Two hours in length, marine wildlife tours are offered early and late in the season, when whales are typically not in the area. Join an exhilarating boat ride to Race Rocks, a recently created ecological reserve, to view hundreds of California and Stellar sea lions. Other marine wildlife you may encounter include Dalls porpoise, Harbour porpoise, Harbour and Elephant seals, otters,  and many marine birds such as Cormorants and Bald Eagles. There is also a chance of sighting Humpback and Gray whales.

Adult (Ages 19+)$119.00
Student (Ages 12-18)$109.00
Child (Ages 5-11)$99.00

Eco Tours


Eco-tours run daily from April 1 to May 1st and depart at 11:00 am. Eco tours are 2 hours in duration and typically include a trip to Race Rocks Eco Reserve, nature watching and viewing eagles nests, and much more…

 We ask that you please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the departure time. We do provide Protective Flotation Suits for your safety. This will help keep you warmer and drier, but we strongly recommend you wear warm underclothes and flat closed-toed shoes. Gloves and sunglasses, or other eye protection are also important.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Adult (Ages 19+)$129.00
Student (Ages 12-18)$119.00
Child (Ages 5-11)$99.00

Private and Special Tours

Other private charters Available – Call with your inquiries.

Whale Watching Tours run daily June through October with 11am daily departure times.

Call or email to learn what time and day tours are available.

During fall season, a 6:30 pm departure time may be available. All scheduled trips are up to 3 hours in duration.

Guided Hiking

Explore the wonderful coastline around the Sooke Region with experienced guided tours from Drea from Daytrip Drea .