An Exhilarating West Coast Marine Adventure that Will Thrill Your Senses, Lead by Sooke’s Only Professional Whale Watching Team.

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Offering the perfect balance of excitement, safety, and education. Our experienced, knowledgeable crew will take you on an open water excursion lasting up to 3 hours, exploring Vancouver Island’s south western shores.

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Whale Watching Tours

Our adventures are 3 hours in length. May through October, are the ideal months to view Orcas (Killer Whales) in all their glory. The Juan de Fuca Strait is the perfect area to find the returning Humpbacks from June to November and with hundreds returning to their feeding grounds gives you ample opportunity to have your own close encounter of the deep. Some of most interesting encounters is of mammal hunting Transient Killer Whales that are now very regular visitors to our area. We also see a ever increasing amount of Humpback Whales and also the possibility of Gray, Fin and Minke Whales.

During peak months, our success rate for sighting whales is 97%.

Tour Rates

Adult (Ages 19+)
$99 CAD
Student (Ages 12-18)
$89 CAD
Child (Ages 5-11)
$79 CAD

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We are open and ready for adventure!
We are excited to share the #amazing #marinelife #beauty around #sooke

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Our #wildandfree #waterfalls around #Sooke #explorebritishcolumbia
With #humpbackwhales today!
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Our #wildandfree #waterfalls around #Sooke #explorebritishcolumbia
With #humpbackwhales today!

#destination_wow #destinationbc #destinationphotographer #pnwlife #victoriabcbuzz #tourismcanada #tourismvictoria #ilovebc #lovesooke
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Comment on Facebook Our #wildandfree ...

Absolutely beautiful

Amazing creatures!💕

Relax and take a well deserved fresh air breath everyone...#staywell

#weareopen #whalewatching #sooke
#dailytours #adventure #orcas #ig_video #ig_orca #exlporenow #wildandfree #destination_wow #destinationbc #vancouverisland
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Tracy Kincaid-Thomson

My heart skip a beat when I see them. Thank you so much for that video.

Paul, you have taken some fantastic photos and videos. You live in a most beautiful part of our country.


So beautiful to see them free like they are to be


Mark JohnsonJohnson I have to go!!!

Ashley Andrade I want 1 !!!!

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T019C in all his Glory!
#transientkillerwhale off #sookebc

T019C in all his Glory!
#transientkillerwhale off #sookebc
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Comment on Facebook T019C in all his ...


Beautiful ❤️

Here is a little preview our Killer day off Sooke, B.C.

#orcas #ig_orca #whaletales #westcoast #vancouverisland #whalewatching #Adventure
#moretocome #weareopen #exlporenow #welovewhatwedo
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Comment on Facebook 4176022489106353

Tout simplement magnifique!

Absolutely enchanting. To be there at this beautiful place and then see these orcas just passing by. I would like to see the ones at water parks set free.

Nicole Motion

Mathieu Sylvain

Cameron Mogensen

so much better than seaworld

Nicole Goldsby welp we gotta go to Canada 🇨🇦


Megan Jones...

Karla Desilets Steve Desilets

I went fishing once and saw huge groups ( so many that I lost count ) jumping along our fishing boat. That was so amazing and it's a moment of live time. It's was in the early 90s and we don't have fancy phone /camera that can capture video and photo

Absolutely majestic...💜

That is pure beauty.

Gosh, I could watch them for hours!!

beautiful sight !\

So nice to see

Lifelong dream for me



Galiano 🥰

Steve-o Moosapale this is how is looked from a far on the Ferrie in bc.


haaa my dear just want to swim with you give you big kisses hahaha and hugs ,so niiiiiiiiiiice

Whales are so graceful

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Sooke Coastal Explorations is at Salty Towers Ocean Front Cottages.
Sooke Coastal Explorations
You Otter Book early as possible because we are filling up fast for our Whale Watching Adventure Tours for August!

You Otter Book early as possible because we are filling up fast for our Whale Watching Adventure Tours for August!

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Comment on Facebook You Otter Book early...

Pamela Smith put the island on your to snap list 😍

Today with T137a Transient Killer Whale right off Sooke!
#Orca #transientkillerwhale #sooke #westcoast #whalewatching #pnw
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Comment on Facebook 4161837650524837


Beautiful animal. Hope it lives a long, good life.

Friends used to live in Sechelt. One day they spotted an Orca swimming in front of their house

This is definitely at the top of our bucket list , lots of envy here lol , nice job

Orca whales are one of my favorite of all time

Orca whales are the most beautiful animal in the world I got to see it first hand in sea world in Orlando flordia

Love the sound of whale breath.

Love Sooke. One of my favourite ares to visit on the west coast

Could use some on the east coast. Wouldn't be any sharks around.

I hate when people call them Killer Whales. They’re Orcas and beautiful. It’s not their fault they’re at the top of the food chain.

Love to see the whales

It’s also called an Orca. It’s always fun to see them up so close.

Huge male getting g in place for spring salmon

I wish they would come our way, we are in N.Nanaimo

I haven't seen a killer whale on the west coast yet.... that would make my day....thanks for posting this

Que cosa más hermosa yo quisiera ver una

Such a beautifully erect dorsal fin.


Sooo beautiful

Brooke Beaird Moved me to tears this morning 😫

Kyla I wanna go back!! And definitely wanna see this!

My favorite i love Orca

Would be neat to see

They are so beautiful

Not a whale It's an Orca, member of the dolphin family

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Humpback heaven out west of Sooke, B.C. today with 20 gentle giants feeding in our local waters.

#humpbacks #wildandfree #exlporenow #weareopen #whalewatching #sookebc #marinelife #adventure #goodtimes
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Comment on Facebook 4157017431006859

I kayaked the basin. Wonderful

The water is so blue. Beautiful

Too bad about the clear-cutting in the background.

Brookie Law Diana Wickham Marine Carr So blue it's beautiful. Makes me want to swim.

We stayed at a beautiful B&B in Sooke.....fabulous spot!🥰

Love Sooke. Spent an afternoon there. We had a wonderful lunch overlooking the water.


Doug Nixon

Carol Lynn Chomyn

Wendy Ann Sundquist

Can't wait to go back. Truly one of the most beautiful places on this planet. 34 years is too long.

What a wonderful place. I'm ready to go.

I was there visiting friends in Sook

Sooke is awesome!!

What an exceptional experience.

BC is so beautiful

How awesome to see this in real life!

Close to the coast.

Lovely creatures!

I am jealous; would like to be there

Beautiful creatures it!!!


I can't wait to move out there so beautiful


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Sooke Coastal Explorations is at Sooke Coastal Explorations.
Sooke Coastal Explorations
Great memories of #Orca #rainblow off Sooke, B.C. We are #open and ready for #wildandfree #whalewatching
Vancouver Island with #killerwhales #goodtimes #whalewatching #weareopen  We are open and ready for adventure!

Great memories of #Orca #rainblow off Sooke, B.C. We are #open and ready for #wildandfree #whalewatching
Vancouver Island with #killerwhales #goodtimes #whalewatching #weareopen We are open and ready for adventure!
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Comment on Facebook Great memories of ...

Stunning capture! 😍

Amazing pic . 😍

Absolutely stunning!

What an amazing shot!

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Sharing memories of this day off Sooke, B.C. #westcoast #vancouverisland #pnwlife #Repost @lovesooke #weareopen #ecotourism #exlporenow (@get_repost)

Losing the sun while your viewing orca is heartbreaking! We watched them until we couldn't see anymore. A nice treat before a pleasant sleep. 😴 Taken last Sat with @sooke_whale
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Comment on Facebook 4140076319367637

Been to Vancouver Island orca watching we met K pod absolutely amazing experience 🥰

Went watching off Victoria. An orca grazed the boat...heart in mouth experience..... saw right into its eye🐋🐳

Waoooo que hermosa

Ashley Kingsbury

Matthew Mesec

Cush Andrews the size of the fin!!! 😧😧😧😧


Wyatt Raven

Will Cole!!

Charlotte Beaupré pensait stait un narval lolll

Several years ago we took basically the same path, pointed east towards Vancouver Island and a bull whale came right for our boat, went straight underneath us and then surfaced about 10 ft from where I was sitting. It was a totally awesome experience-and of course I forgot my camera that day!

Years ago we went to All Sooke Day,enjoyed it immensely,log burling barbecue d salmon,tree cutting.

I am ready to move there. I live in Fl I dislike the humidity and heat. I loved it there.

I've been whale watching there .... beautiful

West coast is awesome 😎

I’d love to go there!

Can't wait to go again!

Wow I so wants go,

Just awesome

that's a big fella!!!!!

That Must be Awsome

It's so relaxing to watch

Beautiful peaceful

Awesome .


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Sooke Coastal Explorations is at Sooke Coastal Explorations.
Sooke Coastal Explorations
Humpback Whales have been feeding well of #sookebc  with many more coming in to the Juan De Fuca Strait every day...
Call to book (250 642-2343)

Humpback Whales have been feeding well of #sookebc with many more coming in to the Juan De Fuca Strait every day...
Call to book (250 642-2343)
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Comment on Facebook Humpback Whales have...

That’s one beautiful fluke!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really see whales?

Absolutely! Sooke Whale Watching is proud to announce that we have a success rate of almost 95% for the season. Please understand that we never guarantee whales sightings. Every day brings new and exciting unpredictable marine adventures.

What time of year is best for watching whales?

While whale viewing success rates vary season to season, we consistently find our Southern Resident Orcas April through November. Transient Orcas are also frequently sighted throughout the year, when there are plenty of seals and sea lions to lure them. For the last few years, Humpbacks have been reliably sighted March through November, while the elusive Gray whales are only occasional visitors as they are in transit seasonally. We also encounter Minke Whales and the White Sided Dolphin.

How close will we get to the whales?

As a proud member of the Whale Watch Operators Association Northwest, Sooke Whale Watching’s number one priority is protecting the safety of the whales and other marine wildlife, as well as our passengers. When we’re within 100 yards of a whale we turn off our engines. As we drift along, whales will often swim right up to the boat. So, it’s up to the whales how close we get.

What else do you see on a trip?

In addition to Minke, Humpback and Gray whales, you may see Harbor Seals, Elephant Seals, Dall’s Porpoise, Harbour Porpoise, California Sea Lions, Stellar Sea Lions, bald eagles, common murres and cormorants.

What happens if we don’t see a whale?

Viewing sea life in their natural habitat is an incredible, unmatched experience, but the travel patterns and behaviors of these feral creatures are unpredictable. For this reason, we can’t guarantee you will see whales or wildlife on every tour. But, to offer our passengers the most enjoyable wildlife viewing experiences possible, we are part of a sophisticated, successful whale-spotting network. This gives you the best opportunity to view sea life in their natural environment.

What should we bring?

We provide Protective Flotation Suits for your safety. This will help keep you warmer and drier, but we strongly recommend you wear warm underclothes and flat closed-toed shoes.

We will be traveling at speeds of 30 miles per hour or more, so warm socks and a sweater or jacket will help you enjoy the outdoors even more.

  • Warm clothing
  • Proper footwear
  • Tight-fitting hat or toque
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses or other eye protection
  • Sunscreen – it will protect you from sunburn and windburn
  • Bring your camera and/or video camera
  • We recommend that you bring a plastic bag to keep your camera dry while we’re moving or if it’s raining
  • We always bring the boat to a complete stop for photo opportunities
How long are the trips?

Most Sooke / Victoria trips are up to 3 hours, but this will vary with weather and other conditions.

Should we make a reservation?

There is so much do and see throughout Victoria, Sooke and surrounding area that we highly recommended reservations so that we can offer you the best departure time that fits your busy schedule.

When should we check in?

Thirty (30) minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

What is Sooke Whale Watching’s cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy is 72 hours prior to trip departure time, unless agreed upon in advance with the office staff.

About Us

Sooke Whale Watching is a family owned and operated environmentally-friendly, year-round marine and eco-adventure touring company, serving Sooke, Victoria, Jordan River, and Port Renfrew.

Sooke Whale Watching owners are experts with the weather patterns, geography, wildlife and ancient history of Sooke, Victoria, and almost everything in between and beyond the western Vancouver Island shores. Your trip of up to 3 hours with us will be filled with a wealth of local knowledge and not a scripted spiel.

We are a Transport Canada certified Whale Watch Operator. When it comes to safety and vessel operation, we are as skilled as they come. What does this mean for you? It means a fun filled, exhilarating coastal adventure with all the facts and anecdotes you can handle. And, we bring you back to shore, safe and sound.

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Your whale watching adventure begins in Sooke! The quaint, seaside town of Sooke is a scenic drive along Highway 14 (approximately 40 minutes) west of Victoria – British Columbia’s capital city.

Sooke boasts fabulous accommodations, restaurants, galleries and shops, as well as parks, unspoiled rain forests, tranquil beaches, and is well worth the short trip from the city. Sooke is easily accessible from Victoria by car, public transit, or if you’re up for the challenge, walk or cycle to Sooke along the breathtaking Galloping Goose Trail.

Ferries to Victoria from Vancouver, BC, and Seattle, Anacortes and Port Angeles, WA arrive daily via frequent scheduled sailings.

1581 Dufour Rd, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0T6
250-642-2343 // 1-855-642-2343


We welcome you to stay on the water at our location for whale watching, fishing trips, or just to get away from it all.

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